Is the desire to dip your toe in the world of CannaBiDiol (also known as CBD) slowly but surely starting to cross your mind? You are in good hands with DIVIE. While the one nicknamed “the molecule of well-being” invites itself more than ever in the world of wellness and healthy diets, its 5 virtues could finish convincing you to take the plunge


A relaxed body

It is no coincidence that more and more sportsmen and other professional athletes are incorporating CannaBiDiol into their daily routine. As some recognize its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, CBD oil would be one of the attractive natural alternatives for stressed bodies. Whether it’s to alleviate aches and pains after a strenuous workout, to help reduce the ill effects of a static or tense daily posture, or to relieve numb feet that have spent hours on high heels.

A relaxed mind

Since the dawn of time, some people in many parts of the world have considered CannaBiDiol to be a natural psychological and emotional crutch. The neurobiologist Stéphanie Caillé-Garnier, at the CNRS, states that studies suggest its capacity to “modulate anxiety” and “reduce certain responses to stress”. Whether you’re slightly anxious about a business meeting, affected by an emotional meltdown or just slightly irritated by a night of turmoil, CBD oil can help you regain some form of emotional balance.

A better night’s sleep

Sleep disorders have never been so present. While the Institut de veille sanitaire (InVS) estimates that not less than one person in 5 is concerned by chronic insomnia in France, CannaBidiol could help to promote sleep. Helping the body and mind to let go, CBD allows to join his bed more serenely, especially when it is combined with a good routine and a healthy lifestyle.

An awakened skin

Another industry that hasn’t missed out on the benefits of CannaBiDiol is beauty, which is increasingly using it as an active component for its skincare lines. Thanks to its ingredients that many believe are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, CBD combined with other nourishing and natural formulas can help regulate collagen, but may also provide some relief for skin prone to eczema or chronic acne. In particular, by reducing the production of lipids in skin cells.

A better well-being

Around the world, some people suffering from chronic illnesses have reportedly experienced an improvement in their well-being thanks to the absorption of CannaBiDiol. Promising studies are underway on the subject, to better understand how CBD acts on the cannabinoid receptors in our body. So many good reasons to be tempted.


As a reminder, our products are not medicines. If you’re following a medical treatment, you should seek advice from your doctor.