Special times, wise dosage, best frequence of use… Here is a quick guide to the best ways to put the benefits of DIVIE into your daily life

The best daily amount?
Because we’re all different, and all under the pressure of our own schedule and our own challenges, the right amount of CannaBiDiol to consume varies from one person to the other. Most of our customers start with 2 or 3 drops of the VINGT POUR CENT under their tongue before going to sleep. A first dose that some choose to repeat 2 or 3 times a day. But the best way is still to make your own experiments, to observe the effects in order to adjust, up or down, the quantity you need according to your level of letting go and your personal comfort. It’s up to everyone of us to find out our own routine.

When should you take CBD oil?
The very same way, it’s up to everyone to find the right times to take DIVIE oils. On waking, they help starting the day in a more serene way. During the day, they can be your best response after facing bad news or if you’ve been doing intense exercise. Before going to sleep, they become a comforting routine to fall asleep with more serenity… Timing is a very personal thing, and listening to your feelings will tell you what your needs are.

Which oil should you choose?
DIVIE oils come in two versions: the first one, lighter, contains 1000mg (10%) of CannaBiDiol, while the other one, stronger, contains 2000mg (20%). These levels of concentration help adapt your needs. The first one can be perfect for a first try, or for smaller corpulence or higher sensitivity. The second one is perfect for people who know CBD well.

Remember that one drop of LA VINGT POUR CENT corresponds to two drops of la DIX POUR CENT.

How to use DIVIE?
After choosing your dosage, you just have to take the drops under your tongue, and wait 45 seconds before swallowing. You should quickly feel an increase in your well-being.

With what can they be taken?
In most cases, CannaBiDiol oils work perfectly taken alone, but some people prefer taking them with drinks or food. You can for example add your drops to a fruit smoothie, a coffee or even a cookie!

As a reminder, our products are not medicines. If you’re following a medical treatment, you should seek advice from your doctor.