After a long day at work, DIVIE oils are part of our daily routine for the better.

While the world has been shaking for more than a year under the effects of a pandemic that is spreading endlessly, daily life has never been so disrupted. Forced to stay at home for two lockdowns, social spaces closed, curfew in place, “what to do after a day’s work” has never been so central.

Strained by a work routine that is the only thing left in the face of Covid-19, it may seem natural to feel slightly overwhelmed. Not to mention the fact that telecommuting is prevalent in many professions, so the line between personal and professional life has never been so thin. 

Among the good reflexes to adopt to switch to the afterwork? DIVIE oils become a comforting marker. Once taken, anandamide levels rise (a molecule that activates a feeling of well-being that we find in the same way after a sports session or when we bite into chocolate for example).

Participating in muscle relaxation or soothing response to anxiety, CBD becomes a healthy substitute for the happy hour cocktail. DIVIE oils are to be taken before a bath or the return of the children from class. From then on, the evening can only begin under good auspices.

As a reminder, our products are not medicines. If you’re currently under medical treatment, we strongly advise not to take our products without agreement from your doctor first.