DIVIE met Jules Daviaud, sports coach. He agreed to answer our questions.


Hello Jules,
How did you discover DIVIE?
I knew the CBD to smoke, I had tried in vaporization, but not being smoker, I wished to turn to a simpler method of use and which corresponded better to me.
I was looking for a sublingual oil but I couldn’t find a product that was reassuring and transparent enough about its origin, quality and dosage. I try to have a natural lifestyle, so I pay particular attention to the products I consume. A friend I’ve been training for many years introduced me to DIVIE hemp oil with 20% CBD, which I’ve been using ever since!

Why do you use CannaBiDiol? What effects have you noticed?
The daily life I lead as a sports coach can lead to excessive stress and fatigue which often induce sleep disorders.
Using DIVIE oil has helped me to quickly regulate my sleep. I go to bed earlier and my sleep is deeper and more restful. I wake up in the morning feeling great and refreshed.
A second effect that I did not suspect is that of digestion regulation. I feel more relaxed and less bloated after meals. In short, I digest better!
Finally, I noticed from the second week of use that the intensity of the aches and pains related to the training had strongly decreased, which is a big plus when you train six times a week.

What is your DIVIE routine?
When I wake up in the morning, I take a lemon in a glass of warm water, do my yoga routine and finish with three drops of DIVIE oil, which allows me to start my day perfectly relaxed.
Then, three drops before lunch to help me get through lunch in complete serenity. Finally, four drops in the evening before bedtime for a deep and restful sleep.

I heard that your wife borrows it, is that right?
My wife uses my oil to relax, to sleep well but especially for her menstrual pains, it allows her to reduce their intensity and to feel better during her day.
She started with one drop three times a day and found her balance with three drops three times a day.

Thanks Jules and have a good session!