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Our story can be traced back to one incredible discovery: one of the molecules that make up Cannabidiol (also known as CBD, and naturally contained in Cannabis Sativa L), and its many benefits.

This molecule has been known to science for over eight decades, but it wasn’t until 1963 that scientists finally studied it extensively – and revealed its many remarkable properties. Many years later, our founder Alexandre Perez stumbled upon the truth about this fascinating molecule. For Perez, this discovery was personal: two years after his mother’s treatment for breast cancer, his sister Sophie told him about CBD. Concerned about their mother’s future and well-being, they suggested that she give it a try.

“Every night, before going to bed, she would take four drops of CBD oil. After a few days, she was already seeing the positive effects. From week to week, these drops became her ritual. Her moment. A simple habit, soothing and comforting, to support her well-being.”

The story could easily have ended there. Yet, Alexandre wondered about the quality, the composition and the origins of the CDB available online: how could he be sure he was finding the best product, with the best effects? Check the quality? Inspect THC levels? To fully control the manufacturing process and guarantee a natural, authentic, organic and high-quality oil, Alexandre saw no other option but to dive into the CBD-universe himself.


Our name is a contraction of “dire”, French for “to say” – the action of expressing thoughts, feelings and intentions through speech – and “vie”, French for “life” – the origin of everything… DIVIE’s goal is to make life calmer and brighter.

Ever since, the French Maison DIVIE has been dedicated to exploring and sharing all the benefits of CBD, the “well-being molecule”. After all, as we only live once, let’s make the journey as pleasant as possible.


Made in France from hemp cultivated in the lovely region of Aveyron, our oils (DIVIE’s flagship product) are the result of a solid partnership with a farmer specialized in the gentle extraction of CannaBiDiol. Our carrier oil is also naturally rich in Omega 3, 9 and vitamin E. The perfect cocktail for well-being!

Let’s clear the air: our products are by no means narcotic, psychotropic or intoxicating. At DIVIE, we analyze the THC level of our oils twice – to be extra sure that it complies with European directives. And, by entering the batch number on your bottle, you have access to each of these analyses. We are committed to total transparency.

We put care and attention into both preparation and presentation; our elegant cases are designed to allow anyone to enjoy our oils – any time their heart desires. Find all the information about our products here.


Try a few drops for chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety. On waking up, after an intensive workout, or before going to bed… DIVIE’s oils are versatile, adaptable and easy to use. Each one is tailored to different personal goals, needs and daily routines.


The Maison DIVIE is paying very close attention to what is happening both in the academic research field and the legal arena – although CBD is entirely lawful, the confusion between Cannabis and Hemp, THC and CBD still hampering its use in some areas. Read all about these subjects here and here.

As an active member of the Professional Hemp Trade Union and the European EIHA consortium, DIVIE regularly calls on the public authorities to obtain a clear legal framework guaranteeing a quality product for those who wish to use it.

Our Maison has also been in contact with the fact-finding mission organized by the French National Assembly, whose report was made public in February 2021. Its objective was to catch up with France’s delays on the subject compared to many of its European neighbours.

• Cannabidiol Molecule (CBD)

• Organic Hemp Oil

• A few drops under the tongue are enough
(number of drops to be adapted to suit needs)

• Makes everyday life lighter and can contribute to personal serenity

• Wait 45 seconds before swallowing

• No addiction, non-psychotropic


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Member of the Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre

Member of the Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre

Divie is a member of the Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre and is part of an uncompromising quality approach.

Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association

Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association