At the origins of DIVIE, there is the discovery of the incredible benefits of the CBD molecule or CannaBiDiol, contained in hemp.

Science has known about it since 1940, but it was not until 1963 that it was studied and its many virtues recognized. For DIVIE’s founder Alexandre Perez, the discovery comes later, but above all in a more personal way: two years after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of his sisters, Sophie, talked to him about CBD. Aware of the fragility of life and concerned about their mother’s future well-being, they suggested she try it.

“Every night, before going to bed, she was taking four drops of CBD oil. After a few days, she was already seeing positive effects. From week to week, these drops became her ritual. Her own moment. A simple gesture, dedicated to her well-being, soothing and comforting.”

The story could have ended there. And yet… Alexandre wonders about the quality, the composition and the origin of CBD products sold on the Internet. How to be sure to have the best effect? How to check the quality? To control the rate of THC? To control the entire manufacturing process and guarantee a quality oil, natural, organic and authentic, he decided to go into it.


Contraction of the French verb Dire, “to say”, the action of expressing one’s thoughts, feelings and intentions through words, and the noun Vie, “life”, the origin of all things, DIVIE’s mission is to make life more serene and our daily lives lighter.

Since then, DIVIE dedicates itself to exploring and sharing all the benefits of the wellness molecule that is CBD. After all, we only live once, so let’s make it as pleasant as possible.


Our flagship product is an organic oil, made in France, the result of a strong partnership with a farmer from Aveyron who specializes in the gentle extraction of cannabidiol from hemp. In addition to containing CBD, called carrier oil is naturally rich in omega 3 and 9 as well as vitamin E. A concentrate of active ingredients for your well-being!

No confusion between us: it is in no way a narcotic, psychotropic or recreational product. Moreover, at DIVIE, we analyze twice the rate of THC of our oil so that it is in conformity with the European directives – by entering the number of batch of your bottle, you have access to each of these analyses.

The elaboration of the oil is taken care of until its case, so that each one of us takes pleasure in using it whenever the heart (or the body or the spirit) feels it. Find all the information about our products here.


Just a few drops under the tongue to consume our CBD oils DIVIE. In case of chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety, upon waking up, after an intensive sport session or before going to bed… Everyone is free to offer a moment, a new daily ritual. Our organic CBD oils are adapted to the desires and needs of each person.


DIVIE keeps a careful eye on what is going on, both on university research and on legal matters. The confusion between cannabis and hemp, between THC and CDB still hinders a common use although it is absolutely legal. You can find explanations here and here.

As a member of the Hemp Professional Federation and of the EIHA European Consortium, DIVIE regularly requests from public offices to define a clear frame on the matter, in order to be able to provide a quality product for those who wish to use it. This official frame is said to be set soon.

DIVIE is also in contact with the Information Commission launched by the French National Assembly, which report was published in February 2021. The goal is to make up for lost time compared with many of our European neighbors, who already officialised their recognition of the benefits of CBD.

• Cannabidiol Molecule (CBD)

• Hemp Oil

• A few drops under your tongue are enough
(the number of drops is to be adapted to your needs)

• Makes your daily life feel lighter and can contribute to yout personal well-being

• Wait 45 seconds before swallowing

• Not Addictive, and not psychotropic


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Fast delivery

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Secure payment

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Member of the Professional Hemp Union

Member of the Professional Hemp Union

Divie is a member of the Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre and is committed to an uncompromising quality approach.

Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association

Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association